Building Product Image Extraction from the Web

Résumé :

HYPERCAT project proposes a digital organization of the technical information relative to the building products and materials. Its application on technical information search by images is one of context-based image search engines. However, a manual construction of an image database for this application can be very costly. The image extracted from the French building product providers' Web sites can solve the problem of acquisition and indexing. The problematic of the Web image extraction for this activity is how can we extract the pertinent images and how to index them? Consequently, this question leads to twofold challenges: image extraction and image indexing. First, an extraction rule is applied to illustrate the extraction process. Second, an indexing process indexes pertinent images with terms in the thesaurus. The application on building product data extraction on the Web is called the Wimex-Bot.

In Tech 2000, International Conference on Intelligent Technologies. Bangkok - 13-15 décembre 2000, p. 79-88.

Décembre 2000