Toward a user adaptive vision of architectural projetcs. Proceedings of the 20th

Résumé :

The architectural conception is a particular cooperation situation. One characteristic of this cooperation is a "mutual prescription" between actors through a specific relational organization. Then each actor keeps up specific relations with others people (designers, project managers,...) but also with documents and activities. The representation of such network, which characterizes each project, is the one of the objectives of the "Relational model". The existing groupware tools can not be directly used in the framework of the architectural conception. They require a high level of definition of procedures and exchanges, which is incompatible with the flexibility of current practices. The second objective of this model is to give to each actor an adapted vision of the project evolution. This representation has to be adapted to the role and the participation of the actor at each moment of the project life cycle. We propose in this article an open hyperdocument structure based on a relational model of cooperation. Some experimental views and navigations are exposed and commented. The integration of this new dimension allows to propose to the user an adapted vision of the project by taking into account the role he plays inside the project.

Conference on Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, pp 238-245, ECAADE 2002, Warsaw, Poland, septembre 2002

Septembre 2002