A hyperdocument representation of the project for a user-adaptative groupware

Résumé :

This paper describes the representation of a project inside a groupware tool dedicated to heterogeneous and short-lived teams. With a few exceptions, the concurrent engineering tools taken from industry and services are not used in building projects. These tools transpose in computer terms existing situations with hierarchical rules. Therefore, these tools couldn't respect the strong autonomy, of the actors in the French building context. The solution, we propose, give a relational vision of the cooperation and of the interactions existing during the processes of conception-construction in architectural works. Our first interest point concerns the representation of the actors, the documents and the assignments as a relational network and not as a hierarchical tree, mostly used in the groupware tools. In a second point, we use this relational network to produce a hyperdocument representation of the project data. This hyperdocument representation gives an adaptive view of the project organization and evolution to each actor in order to display information related to him only.

Conférence Internationale CIB W78 , ARTHUS Danemark, Juin 2002

Juin 2002