ModLum, illumination project aided design tool

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Abstract: Illumination phenomena simulation is important for architectural project design and communication: simulation tools must assist efficiently the designer, results have to be reliable and realistic for the decision-makers, indeed, it is very difficult, for a non-specialist to imagine the result of an illumination from the light designer plans. Experience shows that success of a photo-realistic simulation relies essentially on the choice of the light souce characteristics and their correct positioning in the scene. This paper first presents the specificities of illumination projects (very large geometrical data bases enlighetened by a large amount of light sources) and the difficulties of their set-up. Light arrangement requires tricky composition, judicious choices and accurate studies. Currently there is no specific modeller for the handling of light sources as they areconsidered in radiosity software. Then we present the interactive tool we have tool we have developed, named ModLum, in order to set up light sources in a 3D architectural model in order to save time during the design step and simplify the source handling. ModLum specifications and principles are presented. Finally, an application is presented: the illumination project of two cloisters in Quito (Ecuador, South America).

CAAD Futures 2003, Tainan, Taiwan, 28-30 April 2003

Avril 2003


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