Image indexing vocabulary in architecture, Taxonomic hierarchy and categorisation

Résumé :

: Architectural design is a domain where the use of pictures (drawing, photography,...) is essential, because the information transmitted by photographic images are often more easily to understand than the one transmitted by texts. This paper presents a common vocabulary and its structure relations used for professional people belonging to the wood construction domain researching information for their project through images. The images allow us to transmit necessary and lacked information, to the designer, by illustrating " reference objects " in their absence. To help the designer, we propose an image database illustrating existing architectural constructions. The problem we are faced with is the filing and the classification of those images from a semantic point of view. This classification cannot be done without identifying the information transmitted by images and their transcription in a structured vocabulary. The structured vocabulary includes the name of the illustrated architectural objects to facilitate access to the information during research. The question is " how to describe at the same time visual and recognisable architectural elements in words?".

EIA9, E-Activities and Intelligent Support in Design and the Built Environment, the 9th EuropIA International Conference, 8-10 October 2003, Istanbul, Turkey.

Octobre 2003