A method to index images in the wooden architecture domain, Terms hierarchy and weight given to terms

Résumé :

Architectural design is a domain where using pictures (drawing, photographs,...) is essential because the nature of the information transmitted by photographic image is often easier to interpret. The fact is that an image requires less interpretation than a text. The information transmitted by image (element shape, colour, light,...) is already "put in shape" and so can be more easily integrated into the design process.The following paper presents a way to index more efficiently an image databases of the wooden architecture domain. Images in our databases illustrate real architectural elements. This work aims to analyse the representation of the real element illustrated by images. The analysis will allow us to identify some criteria related to the visual features of each image. The identified criteria will be used in a discriminating way to associate a weight with an indexation term describing its representation illustrated by an image. The importance of that representation (according to what is seen at first) is evaluated depending on graphic rules which correspond to the graphic properties of the representation of the element in each image.

DDSS 2004, 7th International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning, 2 - 5 july, 2004, Netherlands

Juillet 2004