Assistance to building construction coordination by images

Résumé :


The communication describes a research theme about new tools to assist architectural design and building
construction focus on the use of imagery. The article focuses on specificities of architectural design and
building construction stage as collaborative activities. We suggest here two different potentialities of building
site imagery. The first consists in a use to assist coordination between actors during construction stage, while
the other one describes specificities of a knowledge management tool (pathology prevention assisted by im-ages).
We present finally the prototype set up to illustrate meeting reports and diffuse information to the op-eration's

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture; Engineerinf and Construction - Dikbas & Scherer (eds.), 2004 Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 04 1535 938 4. Conférences ECPPM, Istanbul, septembre 2004

Septembre 2004