A Scenario Approach to Validate and Demonstrate the Tool Usefulness in Cooperative Design

Résumé :

Abstract. The social and economic context of architectural co-operative projects does not support the experimentations with dedicated tools. Therefore, we chose to achieve functional validations and operations of communication about tools usefulness with the use of scenarios. The scenario techniques are usually used in computer science to capture user's needs and to validate software specifications. After having analyzed the different contexts of scenario usage in computer science, we characterize the specific context of the use of tools in cooperative activities. Then, we report some experiences of functional validation, of tool demonstration and of usefulness validation based on the use of scenarios. We explain in each experience the objectives and their implication in the scenario definition.

Conférence eCAADe 2004, Copenhague, Danemark, 14/18 septembre 2004

Septembre 2004