Towards an integration of the cooperative design context in collaborative tools

Résumé :

Abstract:: In a design project, the actors cooperate to achieve a same objective,
which can be the production of a document, a manufactured product, a plane or a
building. The role of a cooperative project management tool is to offer each actor
not only a good vision of the project development but also the extent of his action
potential. The cooperation context of a design project is a relational organization
where each actor keeps up specific relations with other people (designers, project
managers, etc.) but also with documents and activities. This organization has to be
represented in the project management tool to give each user an adaptive vision of
the project organization and development. We propose a representation and a
visualization of such a context, which characterizes each design project.

Conférence EMISA 2004, Informationssysteme im E-Business und E-Government, Centre de Recherche Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg, 6/8 octobre 2004

Octobre 2004