Collaborative design: A french / thai experiment of co-design

Résumé :

This communication describes an experimentation of co-design carried out between two teams of French
and Thai nationalities. The objective of this collaboration is to design an exhibition of work from CRAI at
the Art Gallery of Rangsit University (Thailand). We describe here the setting up of this collaboration
(objectives, stakes) as well as its progress. This project enables us to apprehend the cooperative dimension
of a design project, and particularly its sociological aspects. We describe also the tools implemented to
assist the collaborative activities (discussions, file sharing, etc.). The characteristic of our experiment is the
geographical and cultural distance of our two teams. The difficulties related to this distance enabled us to
see how the tools can assist the actors in their co-operative tasks.
Keywords: Virtual Design Studio, Collaboration, Co-design experiment, Groupware tools.

VIII Congreso Iberoamericano de Gràfica Digital, SIGraDi Unisinos 2004, Porto Alegre, Brésil, 10,11 et 12 novembre 2004

Novembre 2004