A cooperation model for architectural design

Résumé :

The methods and models of the concurrent engineering taken from the industry domain are unsuitable for the domain of the construction that is characterized by a singular context of cooperation and an adoption of implicit practices. In this context, we find two cooperative approaches: the first one consists of using organisation project tools founded on cooperation between actors (approach based on exchange document model). The second one is based on modelling the building with objects, by using technical data model (approach based on the knowledge). At first we expose, through the analysis of the data exchange model (IFC), the problem of using digital mock-up for cooperation. Then we justify the interest in building a new model of cooperation where the relational organization of the project is taken into account. Finally, we propose to use this new model to propose a management tool of the "Virtual Cooperative Project".

Revue - Article dans la revue des Sciences et Techniques de la Conception [International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology], Volume 12 Number 1, Pages 55-68, Mars 2005.

Mars 2005