Designer Hypermedia: An Experience in Multimédia Catalogue of Building Products.

Résumé :

The definition of an universal structuring model of the technical documentation is arduous,
indeed utopian considering the great number of products and the diversity of relative
information. To answer to this situation we are trying to develop a general approach of the
documentation. It is based on the fact that eighty percent of realized, exchanged and
consulted information with computer tools is on a document form.
We propose a model of document hypermedia structuring. This model allows the
definition, the presentation, the navigation and the retrieval of general information on
building products by a document manipulation. It is associated with a hypermedia design
method adapted to document management. This method proposes, after the identification
of the user, three phases of hypermedia definition: data definition, navigation definition
and user interface definition.
This model and method have been used to realize the DOMITEC application which is
described in this article.

Darmstadt, Germany, February 21-25, 1999.

Février 1999