A method to index and retrieve images to improve reasonning during the design process.

Résumé :

During their activity, designers use various kind of
heterogeneous information presented in the data list of
the design program. To solve their design problem they
use "references". If by reference some writers mean
every representation of a reality having an active role in
the design process, in our case we have limited the
reference definition to the physical parts of a building,
the so-called "built work". To present these references
to the designer we choose Images as a media support to
transmit the relevant information. More precisely we
have chosen photographic images to illustrate these
references because an image illustrates the graphic part
of an architectural concept. For this, in this paper we
present a method to organise these references to make
them more easily accessible to the designer. This
method, once incorporated into a retrieval engine, aims
to assist the designer in his creation work.

CGIV05, International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Vision, 26-29 juillet 2005, Pékin, Chine

Juillet 2005