A method for Constructing a Reference Image Database to Assist with Design Process. application to the Wooden Architecture Domain.

Résumé :

Designing architectural projects requires the
introduction of references, because design is an
activity oriented towards a result which does not yet
exist. If we summarise the current categories used in
Artificial Intelligence to characterise the different
forms of reasoning, we are able to consider that
design is more the concern of the induction or the
abduction mechanism than the deduction mechanism.
Moreover, the main characteristic of the designer's
activity is to work towards non-routine situations
with the use of many references. In this paper we will
present method principles to construct a reference
image database.These references will enable the
designer to further in solving the design problem.To
illustrate these reference usage, we choose
photographic images belonging to the wooden
construction domain We also present at the end of
the paper an experiment which aims to evaluate the
real help that this reference image database can bring
to designers during their creation task.

IJAC, International Journal of Architectural Computing, volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 227-243, juin 2005

Juin 2005