Assistance to building construction coordination. Towards a multi-view cooperative platform.

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Building construction is a complex activity, involving numerous and heterogeneous actors during relatively short periods. The methods of project management used are specific because of the complexity of the architectural "object" and the prototype character of each operation. Methods usually used in industrial sectors (such as workflow definition or inverse engineering) are not transposable in the AEC domain. In fact,
coordination modes existing in this domain are adapted to his particularities (decentralised decisions, uncertainties on the building construction methods etc.). Our analysis shows that coordination takes two major forms: on the one hand there are explicit and hierarchical methods, and on the other mutual adjustment between actors is necessary and implicit. We suggest to model this particular cooperative activity using model driven engineering based on the MOF architecture. This form of engineering allows us to define entities in relation in the cooperation at a high abstraction level. Then this abstraction leads us to design tools adapted to the cooperation in the AEC sector by defining an infrastructure based on a cooperation model. We suggest a new assistance tool for coordination (building construction multi-view interface) taking into account the analysis of coordination modes and the experiment of IT potentialities. This tool gives a vision of the activity from a coordination point of view. It adapts information representation to the user context and uses multi-view arrangements to allow the user navigating in project context. It is integrated in a cooperation platform, managing information about the project and should redirects the user to other external tools if necessary. Interface views of this tool are suggested in this paper. Its design is still in progress.

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ITCon. Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction. Special Issue n°11 on Process Modeling, process management and collaboration. July 2006.

Juillet 2006


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