Building Construction Coordination By An Adaptive Representation of The Cooperation Context

Résumé :

In the AEC field, building construction is a complex activity, involving numerous and heterogeneous actors during relatively short periods. The methods of project management used have to adapted to this particularities of the domain.
Cooperation between actors is an essential factor for project success. More particularly coordination is a key activity. There are different modes of coordination existing and adapted to the characteristics of decentralised decisions, uncertainties of the planning etc.
This work suggests to assist informal and implicit coordination by the design of a dashboard tool. This tool provides the actors with indicators of the activity statement and allows them to navigate through the contextual information about the project. It enables multi-view of the cooperative context.
The development is based on a model of this context focusing on cooperative processes. We describe briefly the model architecture developed. Then we details use scenarios, first step of validation of the proposition.

ICCCBE - 11th Int'l Conf. on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, Montreal, Canada, 14-16 juin 2006

Juin 2006


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