A Model-Driven Approach to design two Assistance Tools for Building Construction Coordination

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This communication describes an area of research into coordination of the collective activity in the building construction stage. The theoretical approach tries to identify coordination mechanisms existing during building construction. We suggest hypotheses on assistance methods to develop taking into account the cooperative specificities of AEC projects. The methodology of tool development is centered on a model-driven approach (MDE). In this perspective we describe the theoretical framework of MDE and similar works of collective activity modeling. Then we present two coordination assistance tools under development. This description follows the scheme: 1) position regarding coordination-specific activities, 2) design and model-use for software development, 3) functionalities of the tool and 4) validation perspectives.

Conférence ECPPM e-Business and e-Work in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Valencia, Spain. September 13-15, 2006.

Septembre 2006


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