A model-based approach to develop a dashboard tool integrating trust concepts in AEC

Résumé :

In the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, cooperation between actors is essential for project success. During the building construction activity, the organization of actors is both hierarchical, transversal and adhocratic. Moreover, the quality of cooperation is fundamentally influenced by the management of interdependences between tasks and between actors. In this context, the development of new assistance tools has to integrate these heterogeneous parameters relative to coordination and trust. We inspired about Model-Driven Engineering approach to propose a models infrastructure integrating cooperation context modelling and views modelling. We develop on the basis of this infrastructure a dashboard dedicated to the building site coordinator. This tool currently in design stage provides indicators about the trust in the good progression of activity. Moreover, it would enable context understanding by combining these indicators in a multi-views interface. Thus, the user could navigate in the context using multiple views like meeting report, planning, performance evaluation, or 3D mock-up, and obtain more information about a particular indicator.

24th CIB-W78 conference "Bringing ITC knowledge to work", june 26-29 2007.Maribor, Slovania

Juin 2007