Multi-visualization of the Cooperative Context in Building Construction Activity. A Model-Based Approach to design AEC-specific Interfaces

Résumé :

Cooperation between actors in design and construction activities in architecture is an essential stake nowadays. In professional practices the actors involved in construction projects use numerous tools. The project is unique but the "views" that actors manipulate are various and sometimes fundamentally different. Their common characteristic is that they partially represent the cooperation context through a "business specific" point of view. Bat'iViews suggests to the actors a multi-view interface of the context and enables to navigate through the different views. This proposition is based on a model-driven approach. We distinguish between "context modelling" and modelling of concepts represented in each "business-view". A model integrative infrastructure allows us to develop the prototype and to manage user interaction through the definition of models' transformations.

11th International Conference on Information Visualization. Session "Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments - BuiltViz'07" July 2-6 2007, Zurich, Switzerland

Juillet 2007


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