IT services design to support coordination practices in the Luxembourguish AEC sector

Résumé :

In the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector (AEC) cooperation between actors is essential for project success. The configuration of actors' organization takes different forms like the associated coordination mechanisms. Our approach consists in analyzing these coordination mechanisms through the identification of the "base practices" realized by the actors of a construction project to cooperate. We also try with practitioners to highlight the "best practices" of cooperation. Then we suggest here two prototypes of IT services aiming to demonstrate the value added of IT to support cooperation. These prototype tools allow us to sensitize the actors through terrain experiments and then to bring inch by inch the Luxembourgish AEC sector towards electronic cooperation.

CDVE07 Fourth Intl Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering. September 16-20, 2007. Shanghai, China.

Septembre 2007


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