Hypermedia Structuring of the technical documentation for the architectural aided design

Résumé :

The definition of an universal structuring model of the technical documentation is arduous, indeed utopian considering the number of products and the diversity of relative information. To answer this situation we are trying to develop a general approach of the documentation. The document is the base entity of documentation structuring and it represents a coherent informative unit. We propose a model of document hypermedia stracturing. This model allows the definition, the presentation, the navigation and the retrieval, of general information on building products by a document manipulation. It is associated with a hypermedia design method adapted to document management. This method propose, after the identification of the user, three phases of hypermedia definition: data definition, navigation definition and user interface definition. The model of a hypermedia strusturing of the technical documentation proposed in this article is at once independent of avalaible information on products, open, and easier the addition of new navigational functions.

CAAD Futures 97, Technical University Munich, Germany - 4-6 août 1997

Août 1997