Résumé :

The three-dimensional reconstruction of the urban fabrics has been the object of several studies and research. To lead to the acquisition of the geometry of architectural or urban sets, some of the studies were based on photogrammetry or vision by computer. Others use a laser providing a 3D scatter plot. Also, other research, were directed towards the development of CAD software. And some other research, carry on the automatic generation of 3D morphological representation resting on the exploitation of a base of architectural knowledge. The majority of these methods use expensive tools and complicated and long reconstruction processes.
Our method, contrarily to previous works, uses two-dimensional documents, primarily cadastral maps digitalized on computer. From these documents, we extract the relevant elements related to the third dimension which will be used together with the rules of town planning, for the 3D automatic reconstruction of urban fabrics.
Our method has been implemented in the "MEDINA" system and the first computer experiments were very promising.

The /Seventh/ IASTED International Conference on Web-based Education, March 17 - 19, 2008, Innsbruck, Austria

Mars 2008