Towards Trust-Based Construction Management

Résumé :

The growing complexity of AEC projects leads to increase the importance of the building construction coordination role. Moreover, the uncertainty linked to the environment of the construction activity makes way for the notion of trust. The coordinator can make use of multiple tools/views for accomplishing his mission. We suggest analyzing data coming from these different views in order to consolidate trust indicators informing the coordinator about trust in the good progress of the construction activity. Our approach distinguishes between four aspects of the activity determining the global trust level: task progress, actor's performance, documents required to perform the task, and building elements resulting from the task. Our proposal suggests introducing these trust indicators in a dashboard included in a multi-view interface allowing the coordinator identifying the tasks with a low level of trust and understanding the nature of dysfunctions. A prototype implementation is described and integrated in a service-based IT infrastructure.

Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Journal. Accepted 2009-01-18. Published online 15 Oct. 2009

Octobre 2009


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