Parametric Documenting of Built Heritage: 3D Virtual Reconstruction of Architectural Details

Résumé :

This paper examines 3D modelling of architectural elements with the
help of parametric components. Such components may be useful within
the framework of projects dealing with virtual 3D reconstruction of
heritage monuments.Architectural components of the built heritage
often have complex geometry.We studied the various geometrical
shapes of a given architectural element, representative of a specific
period and place.This study allowed us to identify the parameters and
to implement parametric objects (in Maya Environment [1]).We also
developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to answer the user's needs
while generating the 3D model representing the architectural element.
Within this GUI, the user is able to make adjustments with the help
of laser point clouds from laserscanning, 2D plans or photographs.
We exemplify our method with a case study dealing with openings
and lintels.The corpus under study consists of elements of the built
heritage of Montreal (Canada) and Nancy (France).

Revue IJAC. International journal of architectural computing issue 02, volume 08, pp 131-145.

Janvier 2010