Modelling specificities of a physical town scale model.

Résumé :

In this paper, we present a new method for the 3D reconstruction of town scale models. They are special objects because of the very small size of the buildings and of the other details in comparison to their corresponding one-by-one scale objects. Furthermore time hasn't spared the delicate materials like wood, paper or silk covering our scale model. Our method was first tested on the scale model of Toul (France) which contains both built-up and countryside environments. The virtual 3D model has to be light but reliable because one of the applications will be on the web. Thanks to the skeletons of the roofs manually extracted from the pictures with Photomodeler, we automatically create buildings. Automatic and manual adjustments allow us to correct geometrical deformities and to add parametrical objects like vegetation, openings, chimneys, belt courses, etc.

DMACH 2011, 2nd International Conference on Digital Media and its Applications in Culture Heritage, 13-15 March 2011, Amman, Jordany

Mars 2011