Daylight and energy in the early phase of architectural design process

Résumé :

The integration of daylighting from the beginning of the de- sign process can help designers to create buildings that respect their environment, benefit from the solar gain thus giving an answer to il- lumination and energy needs (Bodart et al, 2002). This paper proposes a declarative assistance method/tool designed for the early design phase. This method assists the designer in integrating the daylight and its energetic impact from the beginning of the architectural design process by means of intents. The intents are related to the daylight, energy and spatial configuration aspects of the architectural project. The method translates the designer's intents into potential solutions. They are the first formal representation of the architect's intents that could be customized and altered during the next architectural design phases.

CAADRIA 2011, The 16th International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, April 27-30, 2011, Newcastle, Australia

Avril 2011