A "green design" method to integrate daylight in the early phase of the design process. The use of intentions knowledge base to generate solutions

Résumé :

Abstract. In order to assist the designer to integrate the daylight on the early steps of the design process, we propose a computer aided method that uses designer intentions to generate potential solutions materializing these intentions. The early evaluation of the energetic implications of the generated solutions helps designers to think about a green way of design. An intentions knowledge base is created to characterize the designer intentions and to provide the necessary information to make possible the solution generation process. The intentions features will be characterized at different levels and will use the concept of indices and parameters. The parameter values will be defined by analysing the simulation results of different spatial configurations applied on a parametrical model. Keywords. Daylight integration; early phase; assistance method; intentions knowledge base.

eCAADe 2011, 21-24 september 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Septembre 2011