Study of the Fortification of old scale models in order to automate their 3D modelling

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Abstract. The creation of virtual models of Plans-Reliefs (sometimes called relief maps) is a project to preserve and to make known masterpieces of European Cultural Heritage. In this paper, we present the first experiments carried out in the automatic reconstruction of the fortifications modelled in every plan-relief. Their scale, size and state mean that digitising data alone is not usable. The study of historical documents like the many treatises of fortification allows us to fill in the gap by retrieving all the modelling information required in the creation of a library of parametric components with canonical values. These components are then adjusted according to theoretical ranges with a first set of reference documents like the plans that have been used by the original model makers.
Keywords. Virtual heritage; scale model; fortifications; parametric modelling, knowledge modelling.

eCAADe 2011, 21-24 september 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Septembre 2011