Modelling practices and usages to improve adaptation of groupware-tool services. Application in the AEC sector

Résumé :

Abstract. Our approach aims at improving Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) in the particular context of construction projects. In this context, numerous actors work together, assuming their own role and business tasks, depending on the nature of the project. According to these specificities, services proposed by groupware-tools cannot be generic but have to fit real needs. We propose in this paper a method for 1) analyzing and modeling role-specific business practices and 2) identifying usages of groupware-tool services. The objective is to build an inventory of such practices and usages, based on our model-driven approach.
Keywords. Model-Driven Engineering; Groupware-oriented services systems; HCI design; Business Practices; Usages

EuropIA 13, 8-10 june 2011, Roma, Italy

Juin 2011