4D-based teaching of high-rise structural principles.

Résumé :

4D modeling and visualization is more and more used in construction education curricula. The main interest of this technology is its ability to simulate real sequencing of construction tasks in order to confront the student with real-life construction management issues. This article presents a course for architecture and construction engineers about the teaching of structural principles of high-rise buildings and the particularity of their design and construction. The students use 4D simulation as a support to the analysis of structural characteristics of the studied projects. Pedagogical interest is highlighted in the article. The emphasis is particularly put on the visualization of 3D/4D models. A metamodel of multi-view is proposed and enables the modeling of particular 4D multiple views in order to reuse it. The aim of this work is to build a method assisting students when choosing visualization parameters for realizing 4D simulations.
Keywords: High-rise, Structural principle, 4D simulation, 4D multi-view, Pedagogy

CIB W078 - W102, 26-28 October 2011, Sophia Antipolis, France

Octobre 2011