Use of irregular wood components to design non-standart structures

Résumé :

This project deals with architecture and engineering involved in the process of architectur- al design. Based on native irregular components, it aims at developing an innovative approach in the conception and rationalization of non-standard structures. Contemporary architecture and its non- classical structures require the design of customized pieces. This process which is highly energy and resources consumptive does not always take into account the inherent material properties. This pro- ject develops a way of optimizing, in architectural structures, the use of native wood pieces that are not industrially transformed (e.g. boughs) or of reused pieces of carpentry. As a consequence, the ecological footprint of the structures would be reduced.

Keywords: Architecture, Timber structure, Native irregular resources, Environmental foot-print

ICSBM 2013, 9-10 mars 2013, Guiyang (Chine)

Mars 2013