Designing adapted visualization for collaborative 4D applications

Résumé :

4D simulations are useful to support many aspects of construction project planning. With the success of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and because construction planning is largely collaborative, there is an increasing interest for the collaborative use of 4D simulation. Visualization is very important in any simulation activity and it is important to use the most appropriate representation techniques to match with users' real needs. In collaborative 4D tools, it is very challenging to choose and to propose adapted visualization techniques, according to the practices in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry and the characteristics of the sector. This paper proposes a method to design adapted visualizations in collaborative 4D applications. Such a proposition is based on an understanding of planning and simulation practices in AEC industry, and theories from Information Visualization, Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and collaborative simulation scientific fields.

Automation in Construction, Volume 36, December 2013, Pages 152-167. Edition Elsevier.

Décembre 2013