Metaconception - Evolutionary tooling of the creative design process

Résumé :

We would like to characterise the creative design process in which genetic algorithm are used to drive the exploration. We focus our point of view on the initial phases of the process, moments during which the conceptual representations of the object under
study are significant.
First of all, we consider the tooling as a virtualisation mechanism of the action and we highlight the notion of "Critical Points of Change" which are stimulated by the instrumentation. In a second time, we review the limitations of classical digital tools as efficient to support a creative activity. Then, we identify the advanced practices in
the field of digital design and we replace the genetic algorithm in the category of algorithm process and evolutionary architecture. Lastly, we describe our experimental genetic tool, which leads us to identify three key concepts: a cognitive shift from an implicit thinking to an explicit one, the place of the chance and the significant
indeterminacy and finally the notion of "Transform" and the emerging posture of the "Metaconception".

ELASA-Environment, Land, Society. Vol3, janvier 2013

Janvier 2013