Parametric Modeling: An Advanced Design Process for Architectural Education

Résumé :

Parametric geometry modeling is a field studying al- gorithms that compute geometry. A major barrier concerns the level of effort necessary to implement the algorithms: "the task is foremost, the tool need only be adequate to it" (Woodbury 2010). Since 2003 and the release of a new para- metric software like GenerativeComponents or Grasshopper, the conceptual representation con- taining the algorithms can be achieved through vi- sual dataflow programming language (VDPL) dedi- cated to 3D modeling. The amount of abstraction be- tween VDPL and machine language is high enough to allow non-programmers to implement complex parametric 3D models. Users with basic knowledge of geometry 3D modeling can specify a sequence of relationships and operations to automate the construction of geometry in the form of links and nodes. They do not require any textual programming skills whereas they can achieve the creation of complex 3D parametric scenes in short time span and "efficiently explore alternative forms without having to manually build each different version of the design model for each scenario".

Conference eCAADe 2015, Vienne, Autriche.

Septembre 2015