4D/BIM simulation for pre-construction and construction scheduling. Multiple levels of development within a single case study

Résumé :

4D modeling has been an applied research area for around two decades since the first seminal works. In the last years, a number of case studies have been published both for demonstrating the various applications of 4D and for assessing technological propositions. However, in most papers only little place is given to the particular content of 4D models. In parallel, following the growing implementation of Building Information Modelling, 4D is usually recognized as a "BIM use". In BIM protocols, the Level Of Development of datasets is a fundamental issue. This paper describes two distinct 4D uses conducted on a single pilot project. They aim to assess the levels of graphical and temporal details required for the implemented uses. The authors finally discuss the diversity of 4D uses with 4D models, both planned or ad-hoc, as well as the logical understanding related to 4D LOD.
Keywords: 4D simulation, Construction scheduling, BIM, LOD, Case study research

Creative Construction Conference 2015, Cracovie, Pologne, 21-24 Juin 2015

Juin 2015