Analysis and validation of the digital chain relating to architectural design process Achievement of a folded structure composed of wood panels

Résumé :

The research presented in this paper revolves around the experimental development of the morpho-structural potential of folded architectural structures made of wood. The aims are to develop an innovative system for timber used in sustainable construction and to increase the inventory of wood architectural tectonics. First, this article provides a characterization of the digital chain associated to the development of non-standard folded structures consisting of wood panels. The purpose is to study the architectural design process from parametric modeling (through CNC machining) and assembly operations to production by way of a full-scale experimental pavilion. Secondly, a number of analytical experiments have been performed towards the completion of the pavilion, in order to validate the design process.
Keywords: Architecture, folded structure, robotic fabrication, computational design, parametric modeling, wood panels.

CAAD Futures 2015, Sao Paulo, Brésil, 6-10 Juillet 2015

Juillet 2015