Toward Space Oriented BIM Practices

Résumé :

When performing design tasks, architects think in terms of space, and act on physical elements. They often use various representation means to shape and to communicate the complex aspects of space. Architectural representation is often driven by visual perception whilst current BIM practices seem to be based on semantics associated with scheduling building items (element, position, quantity, etc.). The reduction of architectural sensitive approaches to merely technical ones, reveals only quantitative and restrictive information that does not reflect the architect's multi-sensorial experience. This paper examines some recent model proposals which include descriptions of architectural space concept, and tries to suggest a possible synthesis of this work. It focuses on cooperative practices necessary to unveil the sensitive dimension of the architectural design, and presents a state of existing BIM tools based on relevant tasks used in these practices in order to acquire more knowledge about the concepts which ensure a cooperative work taking into account the sensitive spatial aspects.
Keywords: Cooperative design, Architectural space, BIM, Qualitative property, Topology

eCAADe, 22-26 août 2016, Oulu (Finlande)

Août 2016