Photogrammetric Recording and Reconstruction of TownScale Models - The Case of the Plan-Relief of Strasbourg

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The French collection of Plan-Reliefs, scale models of fortified towns, constitutes a precious testimony of the history of France. The aim of the URBANIA project is the valorisation and the diffusion of this Heritage through the creation of virtual models. The town scale model of Strasbourg at 1/600 currently exhibited in the Historical Museum of Strasbourg was selected as a case study. In this paper, the photogrammetric recording of this scale model is first presented. The acquisition protocol as well as the data post- processing are detailed. Then, the modelling of the city and more specially building blocks is investigated. Based on point clouds of the scale model, the extraction of roof elements is considered. It deals first with the segmentation of the point cloud into building blocks. Then, for each block, points belonging to roofs are identified and the extraction of chimney point clouds as well as roof ridges and roof planes is performed. Finally, the 3D parametric modelling of the building blocks is studied by considering roof polygons and polylines describing chimneys as input. In a future works section, the semantically enrichment and the potential usage scenarios of the scale model are envisaged.

International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLII-2/W5, pp. 489-495, DOI, 2017.

Conférence CIPA 2017, Ottawa, Canada.

Août 2017


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