Interaction of analogic and digital workflows for architectural design and production

Résumé :

Architectural conception often faces challenges regarding the way a design becomes real. Today's digital tools make possible to conceive and produce more defying architectural objects, which needs special abilities in the field of modeling and programming applied to design. The work presented in this writing, shows how actual digital methods of conception and production are underpinned on traditional procedures of conception and construction as it looks back on the way traditional techniques come to help the digital approach, when the latter is not achieved the way and by the means it is intended to.

SiGraDI (XIX Congresso da Sociedade Ibero-americana de Gráfica Digital) - Novembre 2015 - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Florianopolis/SC —Brésil —ISBN 978-85-8039-136-7.

Novembre 2015