A model to approach BIM adoption on process and possible BIM implementation on failures

Résumé :

Adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has increased ignificantly over the last few years. In France, the level of BIM adoption is measured as quite low compared to other countries. Many guides, protocols and mandates have been produced by governmental bodies and industry associations around the world to facilitate BIM adoption but it mainly focus on technical requirements or describe good practices. This paper is part of a research project that aims to facilitate BIM implementation for design firms by providing an implementation guide or method. This method would be organization-centered (based on the specificities of the company) with more organizational and managerial than technical considerations. Connecting BIM Adoption-Implementation literature with change management (a domain that provides models and strategies to analyze and conduct change) carries an interesting research potential that is insufficiently investigated. The objective of this article is to have a relatively comprehensive view of the factors that can influence the success or failure of BIM adoption, especially at the implementation phase.

Creative Construction Conference - 30 juin 2018 - Ljubljana, Solvénie

Juin 2018