A framework for studying the factors that influence the BIM adoption process

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Building Information Modeling/Management (BIM) is an emerging technological and procedural innovation within the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) industry. Adoption of BIM has increased significantly over the last few years and BIM adoption is an active research area that aims to construct a better understanding of the spread of BIM and factors that may explain the speed of BIM adoption and its diffusion. Unfortunately, in this literature, the factors that influence the adoption process are unclear: those who influence the decision to adopt (Decision Factors or DFs) are confused with those that influence the success of the implementation (Implementation Factors or IFs). IFs are very rarely studied, although they could make it possible to produce recommendations to help firms to implement BIM. This paper aims to identify the elements that can influence the BIM adoption process. The main findings of this paper is a classification model of innovation adoption influencing factors, a critical view of methods used to study BIM adoption factors, and an overview of factors that can influence the adoption of BIM, including DFs and IFs.

CIBw78 Conference, Newcastle, Angleterre, 18 septembre 2019.
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Septembre 2019