Collaboration support for 3D and 4D models:A pedagogical experiment with wooden construction.

Résumé :

Through this research, we review a two-year pedagogical experiment to highlight the necessary specifications and to continue to progress towards a proposition of a new collaboration anddecision-making support, well adapted to the needs of Architecture Engineering Construction. This paper presents observations from a pedagogical experiment on synchronous collective decision-making by users via digital project documents on a touch table. The experiment offers a unique context for our research on multidisciplinary collaboration observations and for 3D or 4D model use studies. Our experiment aims, first, to survey the user-perceived utility of such digital support with natural user interactions and collate suggestions for improvements to the support. For the research, both individual and group perceptions are important. Second, we describe a decision-making sessionactors' activity and interactions. The results will contribute to the design a collaborative decision-making support.

36th CIBW78 2019 Conference, ICT in Design, Construction and Management in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO), September 18-20 2019, Northumbria University at Newcastle, United Kingdom.

Septembre 2019