Collective decision-making with 4D BIM:Collaboration group persona study CIB W78, Springer, Chicago, 2018.

Résumé :

4D BIM assures more detailed costs and error control, whilst also improving scheduling and coordination. It relies on interoperability and high levels of collaboration, which have increased the value of collective competencies. In addition to the competencies, the collaboration group internal influences and sub-ordination must be considered as well. While the knowledge and competencies of each and every individual team member are important, BIM allows the team to use the entire set of collective knowledge, skills and competencies, which are the key feature for advanced digital management of the AEC project. Such man-agement requires a successful implementation and efficient use of 4D or nD BIM. This study proposes to summarize collaboration personae of AEC project collab-orative groups, and to associate the collective knowledge and competencies to 4D BIM uses. Further, it will be completed with interviews on current 4D practices with BIM professionals. Moreover, through this research, we continue to progress towards a new 4D collective decision-making support proposition.
Keywords:4D BIM, 4D BIM uses, Decision-making, Digital collaboration, Collaboration persona, Collaboration group, Collective decision support.

Veronika Bolshakova, Annie Guerriero ,Hugo Carvalho, Gilles Halin

Octobre 2018


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