Identification of relevant project documents to 4D BIM uses for a synchronous collaborative decision support

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Currently, the main use of 4D BIM is for visualization of the planned construction process. However, other uses have not yet been fully integrated into construction practices. This paper presents a review of existing context to envisage ways of fostering the implementation of all 4D uses, and also to propose 4D BIM as a support to the decision-making process. Further the research will be completedby survey responses. In order to fully understand and efficiently implement 4D BIM models and methods, we need to develop a precise knowledge of which digital documents should be used and how they influence the decision-making process. This paper studies the convergence between 4D BIM uses and the project digital documents uses. We hypothesize that a construction simulation visualization of the 4D model is a useful source of information and a support for decision-making during a collaborative session. The visualized information and model development level correspond to the decision-making objectives.
Keywords: BIM; 4D BIM; 4D BIM use; AEC project managment; collaboration;decision-making

Creative Construction Conference - 30 juin 2018 - Ljubljana, Solvénie

Juin 2018


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