Identifying stakeholders' roles and relevant project documents for 4D-based collaborative decision making

Résumé :

Abstract: To fully understand and effectively implement4D building information modelling (BIM) models and methods, we need to develop a precise knowledge of which project digital documents should be used and how they influence the decision-making (DM) process. This article studies the convergence between uses of 4D BIM and digital project documents. We hypothesize that a clear visualization of the construction simulation through a 4Dmodel is a useful source of information and a support for DM at collaborative meetings. Through this research, we continue to progress toward a new 4D-based collective decision device, so these elements will contribute to propose 4D BIM as DM support on architecture engineering construction (AEC) projects. Further, the present research will be complemented by results from questionnaires given at a later research stage. The article presents a brief review of BIM context to consider ways of fostering the implementation of all 4D BIM uses (not only visualization). It then introduces a proposition for 4DBIM uses implementation by the project development phase. It concludes by summarizing stakeholders'rolesand documents relevant to 4D BIM uses.

Frontiers of Engineering Management,7,104-118 (2020) DOI

Avril 2019