Four Approaches for Integration of Digital BIM Practices in AEC Projects

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The newest information and communication technologies bring a major shift to the AEC sector and foster it towards the new digital globalized economy. The last decades witnessed many changes in the AEC industry brought in by digital tools and by the adoption of Building Information Modeling/Management (BIM). The changes had influenced the common practices of design, construction and management, they have also fostered new digital practices into AEC. Innovative digital project management becomes a base element of an effective BIM project management. The project teams' collective competencies and skills contribute to design development and value engineering of the project. In this context, four approaches: BIM adoption, agile BIM, 4D digital decision-making, qualitative requirements to BIM, which are resulting from the research are presented in this article whose objective is to assist and facilitate the integration of digital in AEC specific professional practices.

Proceedings of the 25th CAADRIA Conference - Volume 1, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 5-6 August 2020, pp. 883-892

Août 2020


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